My latest article for She Leads Daily:

My latest article written for She Leads Daily is a subject I feel strongly about Abortion. I really prayed over this one. I thought my readers would like to see it, but you have to go over there to She Leads Daily to read it. I’ll make it easy on you just click on the link below…


I am a Christian wife and momma to four children, ages 21 to 5. I'm a writer who loves ministry, painting, and interior design. I reside in Orlando full-time, but escape to my farmhouse on a working farm in the sticks of Georgia whenever I can. Welcome to the Hallelujah House!


  • Barby

    Great article Tammy. This is an issue that is near and dear to my heart, as my Mom, Judy Madsen Johnson, was active in the pro-life movement for close to 30 years, and wrote a book (you can find on Amazon) called Stories From the Frontlines, The Battle Against Abortion. My oldest daughter, Cody, was born on January 22, the anniversary of the Roe v Wade ruling, and we have prayed in front of abortion clinics on her birthday in the past. Thank you for standing up for those who cannot stand up for themselves. <3

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