Where I’ve Been and Where I’m Going

I’ve been a bit quiet lately. I needed to take a hiatus from writing. I set my book aside and my blog and spent some time living.

In the latter part of June, I packed up my youngest kids for a trip to Virginia, to see my family where we counted the deer at night, puttered around historic towns, and meandered down country roads.


By mid-July, it was off to Muir Beach a bit north of San Francisco, California, where we rented a quaint cottage overlooking the Pacific. Every night we slept with the curtains open and a full moon slipped between the California mountains sprinkling its diamonds over the ocean; yet like clockwork each night the fingers of fog curled around the mountain peaks, before tucking us in a hazy cocoon.


We wore sweatshirts during the day and built fires at night. We listened to the stories of Alcatraz and slopped through bowls of Cioppino, (If you’ve never had it, you have to try it).


We checked the Redwoods off our bucket list…


And our little one Bella hung in there with us like a champ.

She didn’t make it past dinner this night.













Because this guy makes her the toughest five year old around…

They have wrestled and fought every day of the summer. Calgon take me away!


Once we returned home we packed my boys up for college. We moved Nick and Christian into their apartment in Tally, where they are attending college. Not wanting their momma to get bored, they left me tons of junk to clear out and rooms to refurnish.



By mid- July, I was itching to paint. I picked up the brush and went to work on a large canvas, I titled “God’s Grace.” I painted my niece Aubri, curled in a nest, while butterflies are creating a blanket over her to keep her warm.  I am so happy with this one. Writing is a job for me, while painting is my vacation.


Once the painting was completed—check, and bedrooms done—check, my brother Brandon came for a visit. We took him to the farmhouse and enjoyed a weekend together.



The farm is good for getting dirty and riding ATV’s through the woods.




I thought today, I would get you caught up on where I’ve been and discuss where we’re going. I’d like to change things up a bit on the blog. I want to hear from you. What do you enjoy reading about? I have so many interest such as homesteading, decorating, refurbishing furniture, the cultural climate, history… I would still keep writing what God puts on my heart through it. I’d just like to mix things up a bit. So, what blogs do you enjoy or what would you like to learn? Speak to me privately via email or leave a message here.

I will enjoy reading your responses.

I smell a change in the air. Catch you next week!





I am a Christian wife and momma to four children, ages 21 to 5. I'm a writer who loves ministry, painting, and interior design. I reside in Orlando full-time, but escape to my farmhouse on a working farm in the sticks of Georgia whenever I can. Welcome to the Hallelujah House!


  • auntylulav

    Tammy — I am so glad to see you up and about — WOW you are an incredible lady. I am so happy for you that you have bounced hack from your surgery in May! You are a very brave woman.

    I love your updates and your thoughts – they are all very personal and thoughtful

    The painting is LOVELY!!!! God truly does watch over our family – your precious niece — in comfort and warmth even when it does not seem possible I think you should ALWAYS share your artwork! That way we get to go on that “vacation” with you!

    I am so glad you had a happy summer with the family!! They are all beautiful! and You are beautiful too!

    As far as the writing — and it is a job right – I had been running ALL SUMMER since BEFORE MAY and House Renovation – which is now complete! Hallelujah!! but I am scattered as always and again — too many “irons in the Fire” and need to find that focus!

    I am sensing the Turning in the air too and asking myself – what message Father God wants to speak through me to encourage the Body

    I have always felt the need to speak and wake us up — we (Believers) are all very sleepy in the hour (Matthew 25) — We need lots of encouragement to shine in this surrounding darkness – for the Glory of Jesus.

    I know several assignments for me — and am trying to “whittle them down” and streamline Father God is dealing with me in healing in this hour too…. we CAN NOT afford to hold onto or go under the spirit of fear . . . so I am getting still so I can hear Him well

    Sounds like you are in that season too — questioning where and what Father God wants you to speak and shine for Jesus.

    He is moving us all into our various Harvest Fields in this hour — and as for me — I want to be the son who actually goes and does His will .. . . instead of being sleepy. (Matthew 21:28-32)

    I will be praying for you to find it! He definitely speaks to us through the Spirit and through the Word – so that spirit of Confusion does not rule over us.

    I remember at the conference — Marsha – wanted to have a prayer connection too ..

    I am not that technical — but do you think this is something we should put together to be praying together and interceding together to let the message and words within us come forth and strengthen and encourage each other. .. .

    Let me know what you think! My heart is ever so glad that I have met you an we are sisters in Him!

    Much love and Many Blessings — Lori

    • tadams22

      Hi my Hallelujah sister. Yesterday, I went from trying to write my new chapter to buying new bathroom mirrors. We are trying to fix this house up too, and I am in that same place too many irons in the fire. I literally felt like banging my head on my desk after sitting for several hours and producing nothing of any eternal value. I ended up at Michaels meandering down the aisles in my head. But, today’s a new day and I am thankful for God’s grace and patience. A parable keeps coming to me about the ten virgins. Over and over God has placed this in front of me. Just this morning, my brother mentioned it out of the blue, and stated the church is not ready. I know preparedness will be the new focus, but I feel it will be internally and externally. There will be a practical preparedness and a spiritual preparedness. Yes, we do need to get to our conference video calling. I will try to figure that out soon. Love you, and so happy to call you my sister in Christ. We’ll talk soon.

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