Are You a Prepper or Preparer?

Winter’s coming. Get Ready!

Today’s blog is in an audio format. I’ve recently purchased audio equipment for our future podcasts, so I thought I’d try something new today. Give those people who don’t like to read a break.

Please note: It may seem I have something against Preppers, but this is not true. I’ve learned many things from people on You Tube who go by that title, in this blog I’m simply using the title “Prepper” to. illustrate a worldview. (Wanted to set that record straight)

Furthermore, if you haven’t read the beginnings of my journey in preparation you can read it here: https://tammycarteradams.com/2020/08/21/my-preparation-started-with-a-farmhouse/

Hope you enjoy our first audio blog…. Just click the arrow below.

I am a Christian wife and momma to four children, ages 21 to 5. I'm a writer who loves ministry, painting, and interior design. I reside in Orlando full-time, but escape to my farmhouse on a working farm in the sticks of Georgia whenever I can. Welcome to the Hallelujah House!


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