About Me:


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Welcome! I’m so glad you’re here! If only I could invite you to the farmhouse to sit on the porch and watch the bulls graze, I’d plow you with caffeine while I weasel your story out of you. Everyone has a story to tell, and there’s nothing better than a good one with a steamy cup of joe. I hope that is what you find here.

I’ve been writing since middle school. My father would give me a topic, and the math book hit the floor. I’d scribble away in pencil on a legal pad, and he’d scrutinize my work, sending me back into re-writes; until finally, he’d smile over the rim of his glasses and proclaim his baby was a writer. Fear that all writers were boring, I ran from writing in my college years, pursuing a Political Science degree instead, but writing caught me when life slowed to a toddler’s pace. I am also a painter, but that skill I prayed for. God, the giver of all good gifts, opened my eyes to see and provided the ability to move a brush across a canvas.

My passion is faith in a creative God. I ponder His written words and am wowed by His strokes in nature.  My prayer is to reach one…just one.  If my work can inspire one person, open one’s heart to a loving God, help one mind accept a grace that’s beyond human comprehension, or move one’s elementary faith towards action, all the tedious editing and paint splattered fingernails are worth it.

My days are full  with walking dogs, rushing my girl to the potty a zillion times, kissing boo-boos, cleaning her messes, helping my middle schooler with homework and hygiene, staying on top of the social lives of two high school boys, and getting ready to send my eldest off to FSU this fall. Everyday, I squeeze in sentences, and write a memoir two days a week at my local bookstore. I’m happily married to my commercial real-estate developer Jay, and  in a fast (soon to be) nineteen years together, we’ve developed this slew of children, two dogs, a cat, two homes, and a crazy, wonderful life.

Currently, we live in Orlando, Florida and drive up to our farmhouse on weekends, but after prayer and confirmation, we’ve decided to move to the farm this summer. Life on the farm is in complete contrast to our sometimes hectic Orlando life.

Have you ever wondered what it’d be like to move from suburbia, deep into the southern sticks? Beginning this fall, my blog posts will describe a new life, one that requires a drive down miles of dirt to find a decent grocery store. A life where you steal your breakfast from under the hens. A life where muck boots and plaid shirts are uniform. Why don’t you come along? Slip on your Wellies. Watch out for that runaway bull!  What’s that smell? You ask. Oh, today’s the day to spread the chicken poop.  You’ll get used to it.

I’ll catch you later on the porch.