About Me:


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Welcome! I’m so glad you’re here! If only I could invite you to the farmhouse to sit on the porch and watch the bulls graze, I’d plow you with caffeine while I weasel your story out of you. Everyone has a story to tell, and there’s nothing better than a good one with a steamy cup of joe. I hope that is what you find here.

The idea for Outdoorsy came from the word my sister used to describe our smell when we came in from the outdoors. She’d smell our shirts and say, “Whew, we smell outdoorsy!” We both couldn’t understand how the fresh air stuck to us the way it did. Although my sister passed away in December of 2014 with breast cancer, I still feel close to her when I am outdoors.

I grew up in the farming town of Suffolk, Virginia, but I’ve been a Floridian since my mid-twenties. I am happily married to my commercial real estate developer, Jay and I have four children including three boys ages 18, 17, and 13, and a little bundle of spunk in my daughter Isabella, who’s 3.

I have three creative passions writing, painting, and interior design. I spread my attention among them, for when I am focused too much on any one project, I tend to miss the other two.

Another passion is my faith in a creative God. I study His written words and am wowed by how He reveals His words through nature. He gives me the eyes to see and the mind to comprehend, and I am ever so grateful for His revelations and artistry.

My prayer is my work can inspire one person, open one’s heart to a loving Father, help one mind to accept a grace that’s beyond human comprehension, or move one’s elementary faith towards action. If I can reach just one, all the tedious editing and paint splattered fingernails are worth it.

Currently, we live in a gated community in Orlando, Florida, but many weekends we head to our farmhouse in Georgia. Life at the farm is in complete contrast to our hectic life in Orlando. The farm supplies much of my inspiration for this blog. It is a life deep in the southern sticks, where you have to cross miles of dirt roads to reach a small town grocery,  where the only sounds at night are coyotes, goats, and bulls, and where you steal your breakfast from under the hens.

Grab your muck boots and come along with me.

Let’s get outdoorsy!


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