Meet Barby Molnar:

Barby Molnar: Editor

Barby Molnar loved reading and watching cartoons as far back as she can remember. After her three kids were born, she realized how much she loved reading to them—voicing the characters in each book, and mimicking their favorite cartoon characters, much to their delight. So when the kids were grown and the opportunity to edit books, blogs, and articles presented itself, she was glad to be able to use her unusual love of grammar, spelling, punctuation, and composition, to help others. Then the Lord surprised her by providing an opportunity for a voiceover acting job. This had long been a personal desire, but the time had never been right. Once this spark was fanned into a flame, Barby saw a clear path laid out for her. Now she is full-throttle ahead pursuing voiceover acting and loving it. Trusting in God as she delights in Him, while keeping her eyes open for where He’s leading, has become the burning desire of her life.

Barby and her husband, John, live in Orlando with their black lab, Liberty.

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