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    Plastered on the Front Pew (Part 2)

    Please note: If you’ve missed reading Plastered on the Front Row Part 1, I highly recommend you start there to have the complete story. You can find part one by scrolling down or clicking here: Plastered Part 1 “No matter how far I run I run into Your love And when I’m falling apart You won’t let me go.” By: Elevation Worship Part 2: In my life, the dawn of alcoholism started with darkness, as if a light switch flipped off inside me. After an intense fight with my husband, I announced I was done with our marriage. I shook my fist at God, “And you know what God, I’m…

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    Plastered on the Front Pew

    “Have mercy on me, Lord, for I am faint; heal me, Lord, for my bones are in agony,. My soul is in deep anguish. How long, Lord, how long? Turn, Lord, and deliver me; save me because of Your unfailing love.” Psalms 6:2-4 New International Version     Reeking of gin, one Sunday morning, I stumbled past the usher with glazed eyes. “If I had to be at church then it’s going to require some ‘liquid courage,”’ I thought.  I didn’t care if anyone could tell. A part of me dared them to confront me. I would have thought someone would’ve smelled it on my breath or at least felt…

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    Everything Has Died

    A spoken word by the talented Tony Sciacca. You can contact Tony at toneshock1@yahoo.com. Enjoy the video! Welcome Home!Subscribe now to The Hallelujah House to receive tips on preparing the heart,  home, and harvest.  Join our community today!  undefined Join our community  undefined Name Subscribe Please fill all the required * fields.

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    Are You Experiencing a Spiritual Attack?

    Trapped in a barn stall I couldn’t see it, but I felt it’s hot breath on my skin. It snarled and loomed over me. I spun around feeling for the door to escape, but there was none. I flailed my arms to push it away from me but felt air as it darted out of the way reappearing behind me.  I woke up screaming. That same morning around 5 am, I found my husband, Jay, sitting on the sofa, staring into his coffee cup. He’d asked why I was up so early, and when I told him, his eyes widened. He’d had the same dream, only in his version he…

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    A Gift for God

    Preparing the Heart Growing up, my parents often invited people over for dinner the pastor’s family, people from our church, and missionaries traveling into town—sometimes they stayed for weeks. Looking back, I marvel how momma handled this with ease. I’ve lacked that talent for being hospitable. I become a stress case thinking about cooking dinner for anyone outside my family. What if I burn something or something gets cold while I’m making something else. How in the world do you time it all? What if…I poison someone! Welcome to my internal dialogue. I’m embarrassed to admit the first dinner I made for my husband (we were dating at the time)…

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    The Bests Gifts Can Come in Ugly Wrappings.

    “And we know that for those who love God all things work together for good, for those who are called according to His purpose.” Romans 8:28 ESV Throughout the two days shooting these clips, my son Nick was running a fever.  I was suffering from a broke toe and sore hip from a fall down the stairs…almost wiped out on that fence. LOL! Drone wouldn’t work. Animals were not doing what I was telling them to do, but through it all, I prayed and told God You make the video what you want it to be. So, He’s the One who pulled this one together. The kicker mistake was leaving…

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    Unwrapping Jesus

    Preparing the Heart and Harvest I wasn’t allowed to believe in Santa growing up, my father didn’t want to ever lie to us or allow Santa more attention than Jesus. Since I wasn’t allowed to believe, I felt I missed out a bit, so I’ll confess my sin right now… I’ve become a deceiver and allowed my kids to believe in the fat intruder. In hindsight, as fun as it can be, it’s also proven to be a big headache. For example, I buy special wrapping paper that only Santa presents get wrapped in, and once I’m done wrapping all the leftovers go in the trash for fear my daughter…